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Security Guards in Singapore

A security guard in Singapore works for a security agency that has been licensed by the government to provide security services. The security agency may be a private company or a government one. In both cases, security services are provided. Private companies are mostly from developed countries while government security agencies are mostly from developing countries. There are security agency in Singapore which are from developing countries.

 The security guards in Singapore have the responsibility of guarding high security places like government buildings, banks and other establishments that are highly sensitive. They work on specific shifts and security guard in Singapore work is generally for 24 hours. These security guards are equipped with all the latest security gadgets and equipments to help them in their security work. The basic duty of security guard in Singapore is to maintain law and order and prevent the violation of law. In fact they are the first defense against any attack on the security forces.

 Security guard in Singapore take up the security responsibilities for their clients when they are not in Singapore. Most of the security agency in Singapore hires personnel from other countries for their security guards. It is said that security guards in Singapore work for the whole security agency and it is very tough a job as the security of the whole country depends on it.

 Security guard in Singapore are also divided into two categories security guards employed by the private security company and security guards employed by the government. Private security company guards are generally from developing countries and the pay is not that good as compared to the salary earned by security guards from the government security agency. However the security company guards are very efficient and well disciplined and they ensure that their clients are safe. The security company also provides medical facilities along with free food while on duty. The security company gives the security guard an insurance for his/her life.

 On the contrary security guard in Singapore also has some of its own problems and one such problem is the recruitment of security guards in the country. The security guard recruitment in Singapore is very difficult as many security agencies from various countries try to recruit the security guard in Singapore. These security agencies try to bribe the security guard in Singapore so that they will be able to recruit him/her to their agency. These security agencies get the security guard jobs only by paying the higher amount than that required from the security guard in their country. click here for more info security guard singapore

 Thus the security guards from other countries try to get security guard in Singapore by posing as tourists and traveling around the country pretending to be employed security guards in Singapore. The security guard in Singapore does not like this method and finds it very difficult to differentiate between the tourist and security guard. As the security guard in Singapore needs to have certain skills for performing the security guard jobs, mostly these security guards come from the United Kingdom and America. Thus the security guard in Singapore needs to have certain knowledge about the security guards in Singapore and their working.